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In order to provide our customers with the ultimate in learner experience we recognised early on that we needed to reinvest heavily in our training facilities and resources. From our first aid suite of courses utilising the latest in QCPR feedback technology to our fire safety training acknowledging the importance of digital training we have stopped at nothing to ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction. In order to maximise this we have recognised that we need to foster excellent working relationships with our partners such as Samsung UK's Educational Assistant Programme and Pyrosoft.

Pyrosoft (TM) are creators of fully immersive digital fire extinguisher training that can be safely utilised inside, whatever the weather and is an excellent replacement for live fire training at high risk sites such as hospitals, healthcare facilities and waste recycling sites. Our 5 out of 5 reviews and feedback speaks for itself to learn more contact us at today. For more information on Pyrosoft products click the link bellow:

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