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About Safety Critical Training Solutions

Safety Critical Training Solutions UK Ltd is a Qualsafe Awards Registered Centre offering Regulated Qualifications as part of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

This means that all our Regulated Qualifications and Awards are rigorously supported by a framework of Internal and External Quality Assurance ensuring that you receive the correct and current information in line with best practice.

Being a Qualsafe Awards Registered Centre also takes away the worry and responsibility for ensuring 'due diligence' of your training provider as legally required under the Health and Safety at Work (First Aid) Regulations (1981) (2013 amendment).

Providing you with the best training team for the best experience

NHS Paramedic in uniform
First Aid With Paramedics

Selecting a First Aid Training provider can be a daunting task. It is essential that you fulfil your legal duties outlined in the Health and Safety at Work act (1974) and the Health and Safety at Work (First Aid) Regulations (1981), but it also your responsibility as an employer to ensure 'Due Diligence' of your training provider. This means that you must carry out checks to ensure robust quality control measures are in place to ensure those training your staff have the correct skills and information to impart on your workforce.

Safety Critical Training Solutions UK Ltd use only the finest most experienced NHS Paramedics and Emergency Service Personnel to deliver your first aid training - all of whom are registered QUALSAFE AWARDS instructors subject to our rigorous internal and external Quality Assurance mechanisms - This in turn means that as an employer - your 'Due Diligence' checks are taken care of - another weight off your mind.

firefighters extinguishing fire
Fire Safety With Firefighters

Safety Critical Training Solutions UK Ltd all began with a drive for quality - a quality in training that was seldom found in a somewhat oversubscribed market since the HSE removed their endorsement in First Aid Training (2013). 

We were among the first training providers to ensure that customers received experienced Paramedic Trainers as standard to deliver their First Aid training. Would you believe that some training providers rely on merely a 3 day First Aid at Work certificate - this means they are in many cases - only as skilled as the level that they are teaching.

We Like to ensure depth of knowledge of all our trainers - and that is why we have carried this ethos into our Fire Safety and Manual Handling training. Whatever subject you require - you can rest assured that our trainers are sector competent and qualified to deliver your training to the highest possible standard.

First Aid Trainer in uniform
Quality Assurance Guarantee

Our rigorous Quality Assurance measures are in place to ensure the quality of the product you are receiving is as good as our customers have come to expect. We take quality control very seriously and always welcome your feedback. We are recognised as the best - We want to get better.

We regularly update our trainers through ongoing continuous professional development programs and standardisation measures.

As Emergency Services Personnel and Healthcare Professionals our trainers are at the forefront of emergency practice and are updated through internal and external development mechanisms.

We have robust policies in place to ensure equality and inclusion, dignity and fairness, policies to deal with complaints and referrals, malpractice, whistleblowing and appeals procedures. For copies of our policies please email:

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