First Aid Training


Fully Regulated and Accredited First Aid Awards

Safety Critical Training Solutions UK instructors are time served experienced Paramedics and Pre Hospital Emergency Care professionals.

This unparalleled level of experience and knowledge ensures that our training represents the most effective, evidence based, best practice in emergency care. Our trainers speak with conviction and honesty when delivering your training, that's because they have been there and done it. First aid is not just something they have read about in a book, nor a hand me down tale. With many thousands of incidents between them, our training team are fully qualified and accredited to deliver your training at times and venues to suit your needs. 

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What First Aid Provisions Do You Need?

Did you know that employers are legally required to make provision for anyone who may become injured or unwell whilst at work? This includes employees, customers, visitors, those in your care, contractors and even those who are on your premises without prior permission. This law applies to EVERY WORKPLACE and even those who are SELF EMPLOYED.

The number of First Aiders and their level of training is dependent up on the nature and severity of risks in your workplace / workplaces and their location.

To find out how many first aiders your place of work requires why not try our free First Aid Needs Assessment Calculator by clicking on calculator the icon...


First Aid Courses

First Aid
at Work

6 Hours (1 Day)

Currently our best seller.

This is a great course for those wishing to acquire the skills necessary to provide basic life saving first aid.

This course is best suited to nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments and the home. Training includes CPR and safe use of an AED Defibrillator amongst other life saving skills.

3Day Full
First Aid at Work

18 Hours (3 Days)

with our Paramedic Instructors

This training course provides the learner with a more comprehensive set of skills in the majority of workplaces and those with a high level of risk. This course meets the requirements set out in the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

Basic Life Support

3 Hours (1/2 Day)

This course is designed for those individuals who may be responsible for providing Basic Life Support (BLS) and / or Automated External Defibrilation (AED) in emergency situations.  Great for community members with a Public Access Defib Programme

Paediatric First Aid at Work

6 Hours (1 Day)
• Conscious and unconscious casualties
• CPR for adults, children and babies
• Safe use of Automated External Defribilator (AED)
• Choking in babies and young children
• Dealing with minor wounds
• Control of bleeding (internal & external)
• Treatment of Shock
• Dealing with penetrative wounds 


OFSTED Approved
Paediatric First Aid at Work

12 Hours (2 Days)

 This  is the course recognised by OFSTED and the Early Years Child Care Register. Ideal for  Schools or those individuals working with young children.

The course covers all content of L3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid along with a second unit:  Management of Paediatric Illness and Emergencies

BLS and Management of

3 Hours (1/2 Day)

Due to recent high profile events - This is another of our best sellers.

The aim of this course is to enable the learner to provide basic life support and effectively manage Anaphylaxis. Based on recommendations of the Resuscitation Council UK and approved by the  Anaphylaxis Campaign.

Includes Epipen training